Ford is offering up to $13,000 discount on the Mustang Mach-E with in the US

Ro, 24 October 2023

After discounting its all-electric pickup truck, the F-150 Lightning last week, the company is now slashing the prices of its Mustang Mach-E with new incentives.

Until January 2, Ford is offering a Retail Customer Cash bonus and combined with a $3,750 EV tax credit to reduce the price of some configurations of the Mach-E by $10,000. You'd have to be buying cash to get the advantage of the Retail Customer Cash bonus.

Ford is offering the Mustang Mach-E with up to $13,000 discount

The Red Carpet Lease Cash offer is eligible for buyers looking to lease and depending on the trim, you get either $4,250 or $1,250 rebate. The former discount applies to the Premium and California Route 1 options, while the latter is for the Select configuration.

One of the options above can be combined with the dealer incentive. On the dealer side of things, Ford is offering an additional $3,000 cash credit before May 1 on the Select and GT configurations. The Premium and California Route 1, on the other hand, are discounted by $2,000. These bonuses are available for cash purchases. Those looking to lease will get $1,000 off the entire Mach-E lineup.

Keep in mind that Ford allows dealers to hold the cash as profit or pass it onto the consumer. But if you end up buying the vehicle cash from a dealer willing to pass on the bonus, you can get some of the configurations for $13,000 less than before.

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The reason is most likely bad cooling of current MachE cars, they will release new version next year, that hopefully fixes a lot of issues, so they are trying to get rid of older models as fast as they can.

  • mathew38

That's nice contrast to the usual dealership markups.



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