Ford’s new EV-dedicated carbon-neutral factory opens in Germany

Max McDee, 13 June 2023

Ford’s factory in Cologne has been the company’s pillar since 1930 - over 18 million vehicles left its production lines since it opened. Cars that were responsible for bringing motoring to the masses were made in Cologne - Ford Model A to start with, Ford Capri then Granada, and eventually Fiesta. After spending $2.0 billion on a complete revamp, Ford’s new EV-dedicated assembly plant is the next chapter in the history of Cologne’s factory.

Ford’s EV-dedicated carbon-neutral factory is open for business

The historical Niehl plant has been refurbished and fitted with the latest state-of-the-art technology, fully automated assembly lines, and tooling. The factory boasts an annual production capacity of 250,000 vehicles, and the first model to leave the new facility will be the brand-new Ford Explorer EV.

The Cologne EV Center, as the Niehl factory is called now, is Ford's first carbon-neutral factory. The new technology with new machines and completely new production processes are designed to minimize electricity use. Any gas and electricity supplied to the new factory, come from 100% certified renewable sources.

Ford’s EV-dedicated carbon-neutral factory is open for business

To keep the workers warm, Ford’s factory is heated by a dedicated steam network from a local energy provider. The heat comes from waste incineration, and any emissions are fully offset by the supplier, who already committed to removing any emissions by 2035. Ford's new factory will be fully audited and independently certified as carbon-neutral once fully operational.

The company went as far as creating new green spaces around the factory, with flower meadows and perennial forbs vegetation. Wildlife activists will be pleased to hear that Ford worked hard to create new habitats for bats and birds as well as insect hotels. The Cologne EV Center sounds like the first truly ecologically responsible factory.

Ford’s EV-dedicated carbon-neutral factory is open for business

The all-new Ford Explorer EV should go into production shortly, and it will be joined later by Ford's next EV in the pipeline - an electric sports crossover. The new factory will help Ford to achieve its ambitious plans of manufacturing only electric vehicles in Europe by 2030. The company wants to build 2 million electric cars every year from 2026.


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