Genesis GV60 gains world's first face recognition unlock next year

Ro, 13 December 2022

Genesis' first EV, the GV60, is gaining a new feature from next year and that's facial recognition. It's going to be the world's first commercial vehicle with the tech. The new functionality will allow you to lock, unlock and start the engine without ever having to carry a key. The latter is needed just for the setup.

Genesis' Face Connect Genesis' Face Connect
Genesis' Face Connect

The so-called Face Connect uses sensors with a deep-learning image processing controller. An LED indicator placed on the B-pillar shows the vehicle's status - whether Face Connect works or not and if the door is unlocked or still locked.

Genesis GV60 gains world's first face recognition feature starting next year

Genesis promises that all biometrics data is stored on the vehicle's security chip and it's not stored in a cloud or central server, so your data is safe from prying eyes.

Genesis will be pairing the new tech with 2023 production models in Europe, but didn't specify when other markets will get the upgrade.



Reader comments

Another burden like technology which can be faked by mirror or a portrait photo. LIke in cell phones. Finger print reader still much more secure.



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