Great Wall Motor's European expansion continues

Max McDee, 27 November 2023

Great Wall Motor, the Chinese automaker, is pushing forward with its expansion plans in Europe, aiming to establish a stronger presence in the continent despite obstacles such as an anti-subsidy investigation. After successfully entering the German and UK markets, the company now has its sights set on eight additional European countries, according to reports from local media outlet Sina Tech.

Great Wall Motor plans to enter Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, and Switzerland. The company's overseas brand, GWM, is taking proactive steps to facilitate local production and sales in Europe. As part of this effort, GWM is in the process of selecting a location for a research and development center, signaling a long-term commitment to the European market.

GWM Wey Coffee 01 GWM Wey Coffee 01

In countries like Germany, the UK, Ireland, and Sweden, GWM has already established partnerships with local companies. Agreements with potential partners in the other targeted European markets are also in the works. Great Wall Motor has chosen the path of manufacturing and selling its vehicles locally in these markets, a strategy that demands substantial investments but promises sustained growth in the long run.

Great Wall Motor's commitment to the European market was further solidified with the establishment of its European headquarters in Munich in late November 2021. It serves as a hub for developing the European business and strengthens the company's collaboration with suppliers, including investments in various companies along the supply chain.

GWM Wey Coffee 02 GWM Wey Coffee 02

At the Paris Motor Show in October 2022, Great Wall Motor showcased a range of models under its premium SUV Wey brand, including the Coffee 01 and Coffee 02, with the Coffee 01 becoming available in Europe. This introduction of new models demonstrates the company's dedication to meeting the diverse preferences of European consumers.

However, it's worth noting that Chinese car manufacturers, including Great Wall Motor, are facing challenges in the form of an anti-subsidy investigation launched by the European Union against electric vehicles from China. This investigation has created additional obstacles for Chinese carmakers attempting to establish a foothold in the European market. The European Commission has set a maximum timeframe of 13 months to conclude the investigation, with provisional anti-subsidy duties possibly being imposed within nine months if deemed necessary.

Interior of Wey Coffee 02 Interior of Wey Coffee 02

Great Wall Motor already made a submission to the European Commission on October 11. The company's President, Mu Feng, expressed the company's determination to overcome any issues and accelerate its entry into the European market.



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