Honda's N-Van goes full electric in 2024

Ro, 07 December 2022

Honda's N-Van was introduced back in 2018 with a gasoline-powered engine with just 0.7-liter displacement, but in 2024, the cute van is getting a fully-electric version. The Japanese automaker says it's versatile enough for commercial and personal use. It can even be used as a camper.

Honda's N-Van goes full electric in 2024

As far as specs go, Honda didn't share much, but the battery should last 200 km on a single charge. For an urban vehicle, it's pretty decent. Not to mention the N-Van is pretty tiny and can't take up a lot of cells. It's less than 3.4 m long, 1.48 m wide and the wheelbase is just 2,520 mm.

Honda's N-Van goes full electric in 2024

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the N-van is the price. It will sell for JPY 1,000,000 ($7,300), making it the cheapest EV on the market by undercutting the competition twofold.

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