Huawei & BAIC Stelato X4 spotted in China

Max McDee, 07 January 2024

The Chinese EV market seems to be evolving at the speed of light, with tech giants increasingly dipping their toes into the electric vehicle industry. We have only just reported on Huawei and BAIC emerging as yet another contender with the upcoming Stelato X4 sedan and now we have the first spy shots of the vehicle. This mid-size electric sedan is set to make its market debut in China in the first quarter of 2024, with a price range spanning from RMB 300,000 to RMB 400,000 (approximately $42,250 to $56,320).

Huawei & BAIC Stelato X4 spotted in China

China's automotive scene is witnessing a technological revolution as tech giants like Alibaba, Baidu, and Xiaomi venture into car manufacturing. Huawei, known for its expertise in hardware and software, has been actively pursuing partnerships with Chinese automakers to develop its own line of electric vehicles. Their latest collaboration with BAIC has resulted in the Stelato brand.

Recently spotted during road tests in China, the Stelato X4 maintains the design language seen in Huawei's Luxeed S7 and Aito M9. Clad in camouflage, the X4 shows a sleek and modern aesthetic with thin headlights, a distinctive single taillight unit, and a trapeze-shaped air intake on the front bumper. Notably, it opts for cameras instead of traditional side-view mirrors, and retractable door handles, and even incorporates a LiDAR sensor on its roof.

Huawei & BAIC Stelato X4 spotted in China

Details about the Stelato X4's powertrain remain shrouded in mystery. However, it's reasonable to expect that Huawei will leverage its electric motor technology, similar to what was used in the Luxeed S7, which boasts a 4WD system and a 375 kW output. This could potentially set the Stelato X4 apart from its competitors in the Chinese EV market.

Inside the X4, the Luxeed S7's influence is evident in its design, featuring a three-spoke steering wheel, a sleek gear selector on the steering column, and a prominent floating screen on the center console. Additional features include wireless charging pads, a concealed compartment, and buttons in place of traditional door handles. There even is an intriguing Face-ID sensor that is prominently displayed on the A-pillar.

One curious omission from the Stelato X4's interior is the absence of an AR-HUD (Augmented Reality Head-Up Display), a technology that Huawei is known for. This display offers a massive 75-inch virtual image with a remarkable brightness of 12,000 nits. The decision not to include it in the X4 is surprising and could potentially affect its appeal to tech-savvy consumers.

Huawei & BAIC Stelato X4 spotted in China

As the Stelato X4 gears up for its market debut, it faces stiff competition from established players in the Chinese EV market. With giants like NIO, XPeng, and Tesla dominating the scene, it remains to be seen if Huawei and BAIC's Stelato brand can make a significant impact. The pricing, performance, and unique features will undoubtedly play a crucial role in determining its success.


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