Huawei's yet another EV brand STELATO to release electric sedan in 2024

Max McDee, 31 December 2023

Yet another collaboration between Huawei and an automotive company - this time BAIC BJEV - is set to unveil its first creation. We are looking at a spacious all-electric sedan slated for the limelight in the first half of 2024.

Insiders from BAIC BJEV spilled the beans about the collaboration's maiden vehicle, a medium-to-large pure electric sedan. The prototype, a result of the partnership between tech giant Huawei and BAIC's new energy vehicle arm, is apparently ready for its grand debut.

Huawei's yet another EV brand STELATO to release electric sedan in 2024

In a recent revelation by Huawei's managing director, Yu Chengdong, the conglomerate has spread its electric wings across four automotive collaborators: Seres, Chery, BAIC BJEV, and JAC. Each collaboration bears its unique fruits, ranging from the AITO M9 with Seres, Luxeed S7 with Chery, a C-class pure electric smart vehicle with BAIC BJEV, to a luxury MPV with JAC.

The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) played host to the announcement that Huawei transferred multiple "STELATO" trademarks to BAIC BJEV. Though the brand's official Chinese name is yet to be unveiled, STELATO seems to be Huawei's play on the Italian word "stellato," meaning "starry." This cryptic choice hints at a celestial aspiration for the new venture.

IP transfer of STELATO trademark to BAIC IP transfer of STELATO trademark to BAIC

At the Luxeed S7 launch conference, Yu Chengdong let slip that the joint venture's model, internally coded X4, carries an anticipated price tag of RMB 300,000 – 400,000 ($42,300 – $56,500). Following AITO's business model, BAIC BJEV takes the reins in providing the vehicle platform and overseeing production. Meanwhile, Huawei spearheads product definition, paving the way for the vehicle to enter Huawei's sales channels in the future.

As the wheels of collaboration spin, the partnership with JAC is also gaining momentum. The codenamed X6, the first creation from Huawei and JAC, is gearing up for a fourth-quarter launch in 2024. Simultaneously, an MPV model from this alliance is in the development pipeline, with a projected launch in 2025.


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Chinese people are not naive anymore, new brands are growing like mushrooms and only few will survive. Those who bought Weltmeister cars are best example. Weltmeister bankrupted and now the owners barely can run their cars, entertainment system stopp...



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