Huawei will sell Avatr 11 at its flagship stores in China

Max McDee, 28 October 2022

Avatr is backed by Huawei and now the Chinese giant agreed to sell the Avatr 11 through the network of its flagship stores in China. Beginning this year, the car will go on display at the stores in Beijing and Shenzhen.

Avatr, formerly known as Changan NIO, was rebranded after Nio’s investment was diluted to less than 1% in favor of Huawei and CATL. The first car from the company, the Avatr 11 went on sale recently and is available in three versions - all with AWD and a decent performance.

Huawei will sell Avatr 11 at its flagship stores in China

Huawei provided its DriveONE dual-motor AWD system for Avatr 11, the front motor has 195kW and the rear one comes with 230kW - the combined torque is 650Nm which explains the car's blistering sub-4 second sprint from 0 to 100 km/h.

CATL was responsible for providing the CTP battery pack which comes in two sizes - 90kWh and 116kWh. CLTS claims the smaller battery gives the car 555km of range and thanks to the bigger pack, the Avatr 11 can travel for 680km. In real life those numbers will be impossible to achieve but the 116kWh battery will certainly go a long way.

Huawei will sell Avatr 11 at its flagship stores in China

The company already has 60 stores which it operates directly, on top of its 70 regional distributors and another 150 partner stores across China. That is an impressive network but having the vehicles available for sale in Huawei’s flagship stores will definitely help with the sales.

First deliveries of Avatr 11 are expected to start in December, although initially only the two entry trims will be available. The most expensive version of this electric SUV will become available in the first quarter of 2023. That's a markedly different strategy than we see from European or the US EV manufacturers, who first focus on top of the range models.

Huawei will sell Avatr 11 at its flagship stores in China



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  • Zakir

Wao, eye cathching style. Brilliant and according to alpha and Z generation preferences. Would like to request company to make availability with installment facility for salaried person particularly for Pakistan region. People love Changan, Huawei pr...

Unless you want to affect the already botched aerodynamics of an SUV even more, no grille or simply an arrow shape is always a good idea.

  • Gaspar

You should maintain 5 seaters design in your EV car for family members of 5( 3 children are common). Also , you should make transparent aluminum metal in all your car windows making it bullet proof to rival tesla EV car at very affordable price. Al...



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