Hyundai rumored to rename the upcoming Ioniq 7 to Ioniq 9

Vlad, 04 March 2024

Hyundai is getting ready to make its first three-row electric SUV official this summer. So far, the car was referred to as the Ioniq 7, since it's going to be based on Hyundai's Seven concept, which was shown a back in 2021.

And yet - this is Hyundai's version of Kia's EV9, which is already available. With that in mind, the news that Hyundai is thinking of renaming the Ioniq 7 to Ioniq 9 starts to make more sense. This is exactly what an unnamed "person familiar with the matter" is now saying.

Hyundai rumored to rename the upcoming Ioniq 7 to Ioniq 9

A Hyundai spokesperson did not confirm the name change but said "more details will be shared on the next Ioniq model closer to its launch". The EV9 has been quite successful for Kia, often being considered by shoppers alongside Tesla and Rivian vehicles in the US.

The Ioniq 9's production will start in the first half of this year, with US sales expected to begin in mid-2025. For the US market, it's likely to be built at Hyundai's Metaplant outside of Savannah in Georgia.



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