Lexus unveils 400hp RZ 450e at Tokyo Auto Salon

Max McDee, 13 January 2023

The Tokyo Auto Salon is well underway and among the many exciting new models on display is the new Lexus RZ Sport Concept. It is based on the road-going RZ, but has undergone a series of modifications to boost its performance and give it a more aggressive look.

The RZ Sport Concept comes in a white color called Hakugin and features blue accents on the front fascia and roof. The car was developed under the guidance of racing driver Masahiro Sasaki and boasts some unique body panels. The front end features a matte black grille with carbon fiber panels on either side. The hood is carbon fiber as well and it has large air vents. Flared wheel arches and aerodynamic louvers add to the aggressive looks.

Lexus brings 400 HP RZ 450e to Tokyo Auto Salon

The modifications continue with 21-inch Volk Racing wheels wrapped in 295/35 tires. The SUV sits 35 millimeters lower and features rocker panels in matte black. The wheel wells have also been replaced with flared wheel arches. There is a front matte black lip spoiler and a carbon fiber wing that extends from the roof. Another carbon fiber wing sits on the decklid. To top off the look, Lexus has even developed a one-of-a-kind diffuser finished in gloss black.

The inside of the SUV is not on display at the moment. According to the company, there are bucket seats for the driver and front passenger. The RZ Sport Concept comes with a pair of electric motors, one at the front and one at the back. Together they produce 402 horsepower or 300 kW which is a healthy bump from the standard RZ 450e. Lexus did not disclose the torque value yet.

The Lexus RZ Sport Concept is a striking vehicle in a true Japanese style. It stands out from the crowd with its unique design and performance enhancements. We only wish Lexus spent more time on upgrading the power units - there is never enough power. Then again, 400 hp is nothing to sniff at.



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