Li Auto Mega reveals its interior

Max McDee, 24 February 2024

China’s darling automaker - Li Auto - is best known for its extended-range luxury SUVs, a solution that skirts the range-anxiety woes of many EV buyers. But with the Mega, Li Auto is going all-in on purely electric power – with a minivan. And not just any minivan, but instead, one that wouldn’t look out of place on a set of a sci-fi blockbuster.

Minivans may have the soccer-mom stigma, but let’s be honest – they’re practical. The new Mega from Li Auto embraces the minivan form but aims to make it desirable, starting with its tech. Up front, it mimics the setup of the Li L7 and Li L9. A large center screen and innovative heads-up display replace traditional gauges, offering a modern driving experience.

Where it gets really interesting is in the back, where the Mega goes big on passenger comfort. The traditional three-row setup is ditched for plush, adjustable captain’s chairs in the second row. Li Auto claims these offer superior comfort, with heating, cooling, and a “spa-level” 16-point massage system. They'll even recline 95 degrees with 19.7 inches of movement. Let’s just say, if the traffic gets bad, those in the back will be better off than those up front.

Of course, it’s a full-on mobile theater, with a foldable ceiling screen between the first and second rows, and even a small fold-down table on the back of the passenger seat. It certainly seems more luxurious than a typical family road trip experience.

And while the Mega might pamper those inside, don’t discount its performance specs. It’s no slouch, with a claimed 0-62 mph sprint in just 5.5 seconds, courtesy of its 536 hp dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain. Considering its massive dimensions (210.6 inches long with a 129.9 inches wheelbase), that’s a feat that'll rival some sports cars.

With this MPV, Li Auto is not forgetting its practical roots. The third row remains flexible, with folding, heated seats for additional passengers when needed. There’s also generous cargo space, reportedly capable of swallowing six suitcases behind those back seats.

The Mega comes with a hefty 102.7 kWh CATL Qilin battery, and an impressive 441 miles of range, according to the CLTC standard. Li Auto claims it's the most aerodynamic MPV around, and while that might not sound like much to brag about, the low drag coefficient certainly contributes to that range figure. Ultra-fast charging is also part of the package, and it can supposedly gulp down around 310 miles worth of juice in about 12 minutes.

If all of this sounds good, there's the inevitable catch – the price. It's anticipated to cost under $83,400, which is a sizable chunk of change. Li Auto seems optimistic it will be a big seller, the stigma of a minivan in China doesn’t really exist - on the contrary, minivans are some of the most popular cars in the Middle Kingdom. 10,000 pre-orders within less than 2 hours after Mega's unveiling says it all. An all-electric minivan may just be the ticket the company needs to stand a chance of survival in the world’s biggest EV market.


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Looks like Hyundai Staria and Chrysler Pacifica had a love child.



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