Lucid Air keeps the Range King title in 2024

Max McDee, 28 May 2024

The EPA has released official figures for the 2024 Lucid Air lineup, and it's safe to say Lucid is still leading the pack in the range department.

For those who prioritize efficiency, the entry-level Pure RWD model, with its 88 kWh battery, boasts an EPA combined range of 419 miles. Opting for the larger 20-inch wheels will set you back slightly to 394 miles, but that's still quite a distance on a single charge. Surprisingly, this rear-wheel drive variant outperforms its all-wheel drive predecessor's efficiency.

Lucid Air keeps the title of the Range King of electric cars in 2024

Moving up the ladder, the AWD Touring trim, packing a 92 kWh battery, offers a respectable 411 miles. However, if you fancy those snazzy, bigger wheels, that number takes a significant hit. With 20-inch wheels, the range drops to 382 miles, and with 21-inch wheels, it plummets even further to 365 miles.

The star of the show, the Grand Touring, boasts a 112 kWh battery pack. This beefy battery grants it an astounding EPA range of 516 miles, putting all other EVs to shame. But beware, those alluring larger wheels come at a cost. Choosing 20-inch wheels reduces the range to 485 miles, and 21-inch wheels further diminish it to 450 miles.

Lucid Air keeps the title of the Range King of electric cars in 2024

As for the performance-oriented Sapphire, Lucid's top-tier offering, it achieves a respectable 427 miles on the EPA cycle. Considering its power-hungry nature, this figure is surprisingly close to the base Pure model.

In terms of energy consumption, the Pure RWD with 19-inch wheels is the most frugal, consuming 246 Wh/mi, equivalent to an impressive 4.1 miles/kWh. This puts it slightly behind the Hyundai Ioniq 6 SE RWD Long Range in the combined efficiency category but ahead in highway efficiency. The Touring and Grand Touring models consume somewhat more, with figures around 253 Wh/mi and 261 Wh/mi, respectively. The Sapphire, however, is notably less efficient, gulping down 321 Wh/mi.

Lucid Air keeps the title of the Range King of electric cars in 2024

Lucid has recently slashed prices across its Air lineup in the US. The Pure now starts at $69,900 (plus destination charges), with the Touring costing an additional $8,000. The long-range Grand Touring commands a $40,000 premium over the Pure, and then there's the exclusive Sapphire, a model that will set you back a cool quarter of a million dollars. Sadly, none of the Lucid Air models qualify for the federal tax credit due to their price exceeding the $55,000 cap.


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You must be another level of shill to go behind Cybertruck

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Lucid Air and Tesla Cybertruck are the most beautiful EVs i've ever seen. Lucid air is just simply beautiful and Cybertruck is plainly unique



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