Mazda to introduce new EV in 2025

Max McDee, 22 October 2023

Mazda, a brand synonymous with the exhilarating "Zoom-Zoom" slogan, has long tantalized automotive enthusiasts with its unique approach to driving dynamics, style, and attainable luxury. However, when it comes to the electric vehicle evolution, it seems like they've been taking the scenic route. While rival brands are ramping up battery factories and pushing ambitious EV lineups, Mazda seems to be, well, strolling in the park.

Will we see an electric Miata? Will we see an electric Miata?

For the Mazda aficionados who have been eagerly waiting for the brand to make a significant electric move, there's a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Recent news confirms that Mazda is gearing up to launch its first battery-electric vehicle by 2025. This news comes straight from the horse's mouth - Mazda North America CEO, Tom Donnelly. And when the top brass speaks, you listen.

Although Donnelly was quite stingy with the details, he did drop a hint that this electric marvel would likely be a crossover. It's speculated that it might succeed the CX-5, which interestingly shares quite a bit with the CX-50. This move, however, isn't a mere sporadic blip in their roadmap. Donnelly emphasized that the brand's direction aligns with the market's pulse, and plug-in hybrids are what they believe fit the bill for the current scenario. The challenges tied to infrastructure and transitioning to complete electrification are valid concerns. Hence, their focus on hybrids, both plug-in and otherwise.

Mazda to introduce new EV in 2025

A skeptic might point out that Mazda's hybrid lineup is, let's say, a tad slim. Sure, there's the CX-90 PHEV in the US – a commendable piece of machinery but quite a hefty investment. Then, in other markets, we have the somewhat modest CX-60 Hybrid and the Mazda 2 Hybrid, the latter being a fancied-up Toyota Yaris in disguise. Not to forget the fleeting presence of the Mazda MX-30 EV in California, which came and went quicker than a California sunset.

Yet, before you label Mazda as a dawdler, there's more under the hood. The brand made waves last fall, hinting at a robust electric ambition, revealing plans to roll out a plethora of new BEVs from 2028 to 2030. They even anticipate these EVs will account for a whopping 25-40% of their global volume. Besides, the brand isn't reclusing itself. They're branching out, engaging in dialogues with tech juggernauts like Panasonic for battery tech and leveraging their ties with Toyota for hybrid and upcoming BEV technology. For those itching for some electrified sports car action, the word is that an electrified MX-5 Miata might steal the spotlight at the upcoming Tokyo Mobility Show.

Mazda to introduce new EV in 2025

Mazda's electric endeavor is akin to a careful chess game. While their commitment to EVs is unmistakable, the brand appears to be strategizing rather than jumping onto the EV bandwagon impulsively. However, as the auto world steers towards an electrified future at breakneck speed, there's a looming cloud: will Mazda's strategic approach keep pace or will they risk being an has-been in the EV race?



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