Mercedes and BMW to jointly launch a new charging network in China next year

Ro, 30 November 2023

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have reached an agreement over a 50:50 joint venture in China with that will focus on building a fast and premium charging network in the country. The first charging stations will be operational in 2024 and the entire network should be ready by 2026.

Mercedes and BMW to launch a new premium charging network in China next year

The two German automakers see about 1,000 high-power charging points with around 7,000 charging points pop up in China and they will be available to the broad public, not just Mercedes and BMW owners. The joint venture aims to bring reliable, fast, convenient and tailor-made charging solutions to the Chinese market for everyone.

However, the press release says BMW and Mercedes EV owners will get exclusive features such as plug and charge service, probably through some sort of subscription that will be managed from the car itself.

The charging points will draw power from renewable energy sources where possible, to bring down emissions and deliver an eco-friendly charging experience. The duo also believes it can deliver an unmatched charging experience thanks to its deep understanding of how the Chinese EV market works.



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