Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV launches, starting at €110,658

Max McDee, 09 August 2022

The much awaited Mercedes-benz EQS SUV is finally fully detailed and ready to order. European customers can book their cars now and can expect deliveries as early as December with some vehicles possibly making their way a bit earlier.

The EQS SUV was made official in April, but it's only now that you can actually buy one. The vehicle is manufactured in the USA at the CO2 neutral Tuscaloosa plant in Alabama.

Online configurator for the EQS SUV is live Online configurator for the EQS SUV is live

There are two options available initially - the EQS 450+ starts at €110,658.01 and the EQS 580 4MATIC starts at €135,291.10. There are three main trims available with each of the models: standard exterior with Electric Art interior, Electric Art interior and exterior and AMG Line exterior and interior.

Depending on the model chosen, there are five different equipment packages available - Advanced, Advanced Plus, Premium, Premium Plus and the top of the range Business Class.

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV is now available starting at €110,658

MBUX Augmented Reality HUD is an extra option that will set you back €1,082.90 and it will overlay content and driver information on the windscreen making it appear to float in front of the car, reducing distraction.

There is a €392.70 optional radiator grille with the Star pattern and the €642.60 Interior Assistant that is the latest iteration of voice control capable of recognizing gestures and it even knows which way the driver is looking thanks to an array of cameras.

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV is now available starting at €110,658

For additional €452.20 we can get the Trailer Maneuvering Assist that can adjust the angle of the steering wheel to help reversing with a trailer. The system is limited to speeds up to 5 kph and up to 15 degree gradients.

Rear side airbags are optional at €452.20 and another €535.50 will get Energizing Air Control Plus - a HEPA filtration system for the cabin.

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV is now available starting at €110,658

For European customers, Mercedes offers the “me Charge” option which avails three charging tariffs across Europe. All new owners initially are getting the Charge L tariff that is free for the first year, after that it’s €17.90 per month.

The AC charging comes at €0.33 per kWh with an additional, so-called “blocking fee” of €0.06 per minute after the first 3 hours. That fee does not apply in Germany between 9pm and 8am.

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV is now available starting at €110,658

DC charging comes at €0.39 per kWh with additional €0.20 per minute after the first hour. The Ionity charging comes at either €0.35 per kWh or is free with the Ionity Unlimited that can be activated via the “me Charge”.

The configuration and order page is up and running on the Mercedes-Benz website - follow the link below and explore all the options. Please be seated when you choose the Hyperscreen option though - Mercedes seems to be charging about €500 per inch for that option.



Reader comments

  • Bob

At least you can carry stuff on top of the car, unlike the Tesla Model X with its gimmicky doors

  • Anonymous

Return of the minivan. At 110k 17€/mo for subscription to charge at 0.35€/kw Holly sht... Are people really that stupid now??

Not just in NAV, but the whole infotainment, screen integration and Tesla does not have abysmal efficiency like this one has. Why more Mercedes EVs can't be like that awesome prototype they made, that was work of engineering, that had good in...


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