MG 9 and MG S9 premium models debut in Geneva but they are hiding a secret

Max McDee, 28 February 2024

SAIC Motor, China's largest automotive manufacturer, is at it again. The state-owned behemoth loves playing dress-up with its massive portfolio of brands, making it harder to track which models are truly unique. The British-turned-Chinese MG brand unveiled two new upscale electric cars – the MG 9 sedan and the MG S9 crossover SUV at the Geneva Motor Show. But under the new badges are actually familiar faces.

MG introduces premium MG 9 and MG S9 models in Geneva but they are hiding a secret

We have recently reported that Intelligence In Motion (IM), another brand belonging to SAIC, will rebrand its models and sell them under the MG banner in Europe. Confusingly, IM just debuted its L6 model under its own brand, next the new MG vehicles - which aren’t from the IM portfolio. This rabbit hole goes really deep, and the deeper it goes, the more confusing it gets.

MG, a once-British sports car maker, was gobbled up by the Chinese conglomerate some years back. Now, it seems SAIC is using the brand's lingering notoriety to expand its presence on the global stage. And to do this, SAIC is rebadging cars, yet again, from its lesser-known subsidiary, Rising. The newly minted MG 9 and MG S9 are based on the Rising F7 and R7, models that are already roaming Chinese roads.

MG introduces premium MG 9 and MG S9 models in Geneva but they are hiding a secret

Rising, in case you were wondering, was a series of Roewe-badged EVs (that’s right - another SAIC-owned brand), which morphed into an independent entity in 2020. Its sales in the competitive Chinese market have been underwhelming, likely due to steep pricing. Now, SAIC is betting that putting the MG badge on Rising models will open wallets in Europe.

But what's the real story behind the MG 9 and MG S9?

There is absolutely no question the sleek MG 9 sedan draws heavy inspiration from the Nio ET7, with its low-slung, coupe-like profile. It boasts an impressive drag coefficient of 0.206 Cd and and stands at 197 inches long, 76.9 inches wide, and 58.8 inches high, with a 118 inches wheelbase – slightly bigger than the Tesla Model S and just 2.36 inches shorter than the new BMW i5.

MG introduces premium MG 9 and MG S9 models in Geneva but they are hiding a secret

The MG 9 shares its powertrain with the Rising F7. Expect a rear-mounted 250 kW motor with battery options ranging from 64 kWh (both LFP and NMC) to 90 kWh. A dual-motor 400 kW AWD version is also rumored. The range varies depending on the battery, the smallest pack promises 311 miles, while the largest stretches to 436 miles. Those are CLTC estimates and as such are highly optimistic.

The interior is a whole different animal. The MG 9 screams “Look at me!” with its Mercedes MBUX-inspired triple-screen setup. There's also an 8-inch screen just for the rear passengers.

MG introduces premium MG 9 and MG S9 models in Geneva but they are hiding a secret

Interestingly, the Rising F7 comes with battery-swapping tech in China, where it ditches the depleted pack and gets a fresh one in under 90 seconds - 1 minute and a half to swap the battery. As much as it sounds impressive, don't expect this to be used outside China, at least not for a few more years.

MG introduces premium MG 9 and MG S9 models in Geneva but they are hiding a secret

The MG S9 crossover SUV is a repackaged Rising R7. While bearing some MG-specific design cues, it undoubtedly has a family resemblance to its less-famous Chinese sibling. With dimensions of 192.9 inches long, 75.8 inches wide, and 65.2 inches high, the MG S9 confidently targets the popular Tesla Model Y.

Inside, the S9 continues the triple-screen extravaganza, with an additional augmented reality heads-up display. Power comes from the same single rear-mounted 250 kW motor, coupled with a 77 kWh NMC battery pack for a promised range of 354 miles.

MG introduces premium MG 9 and MG S9 models in Geneva but they are hiding a secret

In China, the Rising R7 did come with the 400 kW dual-motor powertrain as well, this time paired with the 90 kWh NMC battery pack for a 377 miles CLTC range. The MG S9 seems to be missing this version, at least for now - possibly because its Chinese twin was discontinued due to apparently excessive price.

Here's where things get even more murky. The Rising F7 and R7 sell for between $26,390 and $43,050 in China. However, there's no word on European pricing for their MG-badged equivalents. If recent SAIC history is any indication, expect a serious price bump to align these models with premium EV rivals from the likes of Zeekr, XPeng, and Nio.

MG introduces premium MG 9 and MG S9 models in Geneva but they are hiding a secret

Like it or not, MG is joining premium EV ranks. These latest models offer decent specs and flashy interiors even if their originality is debatable. Will European buyers be as forgiving as Chinese consumers were with similarly rebadged MG's in the past? On one hand, with growing competition in the EV market, MG needs more than just a new badge to truly stand out. But on the other hand, we want premium electric cars that don’t cost arm and leg.


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I agree with this comment, there is no need to write in such your style to create some sort of a buzz when we all know that car makers rebage, rebrand, Do economies of scales. Hello, this is the the business we are in

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I dont understand the tone of this article - you've written it as if it was some kind of dirty secret that no ones knows that car manufacturers re-badge their cars. Everyone knows that car manufacturers re-use parts and even re-badge cars for di...

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This thing looks amazing, inside and out, got any info on the chemistry battery?



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