MG revives record-chasing spirit with the electric EXE181 hypercar

Max McDee, 22 April 2024

MG, the storied British automaker now owned by China's SAIC Motor, is ready to turn heads at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show with its mind-bending EXE181 concept. The name pays homage to a 1950s experimental car, and the new concept shares its forefather's obsession with speed and aerodynamics and its attention-grabbing looks.

MG EXE181 next to the original 1957 MG EX181 MG EXE181 next to the original 1957 MG EX181

The EXE181 is a single-seater hypercar designed to slice through the air. The slippery teardrop shape enables a drag coefficient of 0.181, helping it achieve breakneck speeds. The EXE181 packs a serious punch – MG claims it'll rocket to 62 mph in just 1.9 seconds thanks to its quad electric motors. That puts it into a rarefied league occupied by the Rimac Nevera and Lucid Air Sapphire.

MG revives record-chasing spirit with the electric EXE181 hypercar

The EXE181's sleek design features a transparent canopy, providing a glimpse of the driver's stark, minimalist cockpit. A single seat and a yoke-like steering wheel with a built-in screen dominate here. With this futuristic scene and potential speeds over what its classic namesake achieved (245 mph in 1957!), MG hints that another land speed record attempt could be in the cards.

While details like battery size and total horsepower remain under wraps, the EXE181 is poised to become a halo car for the MG brand, much like the Cyberster roadster concept. It showcases what the company is capable of in the electric vehicle arena. However, while the Cyberster is already a production vehicle, the EXE181 will likely remain a tantalizing 'what-if' scenario.

Make no mistake: The EXE181 is more than just a fancy concept car. It's a bold statement that MG isn't content with simply building practical, affordable electric vehicles. The brand is also committed to pushing the boundaries of performance and design. Let's hope the EXE181 isn't just about going fast and that there's more to MG's ambition and desire to recapture the thrill-seeking spirit of its record-breaking past.


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