Rimac Nevera 2021 -

  • 1914hp
    All Wheel Drive
  • 120kWh
    Nominal capacity
  • 1.7sec
    0-60 mph
  • 340mi
    WLTP, range

Announced 2021, June 01
Status Available to order. Released 2021, December
Base price € 2,000,000  
Power AWD 1914 hp (1427 kW)
Torque 1741 lb-ft (2360 Nm)
Acceleration 1.7 sec 0-60 mph (1.8 sec 0-62 mph)
Max speed 256 mph (412 km/h)
Capacity 120 kWh total
Tech Liquid-cooled 730V (800V-type), Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide
Range 340 mi WLTP, 402 mi NEDC
Recuperation Yes, up to 300 kW
Heat pump Yes
AC Charging Type 2 22 kW
DC Charging CCS 500 kW max, 0-80% in 22 min
Type 2 door coupe, 2 seats
Dimensions 187.0 x 78.2 x 47.6 in (4750 x 1986 x 1208 mm)
Drag coef. 0.3 Cd
Wheelbase 108.1 in (2745 mm)
Weight EU: 4740 lb unladen
Suspension Double wishbone, electronically controlled dampers, active ride height adjustment
Wheels R20
Trunk EU: 3.5 ft³
Frunk No
Towing No
Center Yes
Driver's Yes
Head-up No
Seats Heated front seats
Roof No glass roof
Parking aids Front and rear sensors, 360 camera, reversing camera
Airbags Front, side, head airbag system
Driving aids 6 radars, 13 cameras, 12 sensors (up to 160m object detection)
Self driving Autopilot with full Self-Driving capability
Crash tests
 Carbon-fiber monocoque body (70000 Nm/degree torsional stiffness)

Real world range

Charging time Charging curve

Charging curve provided by Fastned.

User opinions and reviews

  • Jeffrey Kyle JACKSON

I can not afford it. I will keep riding my Lucid Air. 1100 HP not so bad.

Boy's fast!

  • Anonymous

ArenaEV gotta add that one concept car from Rimac that almost killed Richard Hammond

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