New EV charging network Ionna is ready to deploy 30,000 stations across North America

Vlad, 10 February 2024

A new "high-powered" EV charging network is coming to North America. It's called Ionna and it's backed by a who's who of car makers: Mercedes, BMW, GM, Stellantis, Honda, Hyundai, and Kia.

Ionna has commenced operations and received approval from regulatory authorities and expects to have its first EV chargers up and running in the US by the end of this year, followed by Canada. Its goal is an ambitious one: a minimum of 30,000 chargers in total "strategically positioned" across North America.

New EV charging network joint venture Ionna is ready to deploy 30,000 chargers across North America

Ionna intends these to be powered by renewable energy and "backed by the combined quality, reliability, and resources of the world's leading automakers". Each of its sites will feature "multiple high-powered chargers to facilitate long-distance journeys".

The charging network will be accessible to all EVs using NACS and CCS connectors. Expect a variety of amenities like restrooms, food service, and retail operations either nearby or in the same complex, as well as digital integration and appealing locations. Wherever possible, the charging stations will have canopies for "unprecedented customer comfort and charging ease".

Ionna will seamlessly integrate with the aforementioned automakers' in-vehicle and in-app experiences, including reservations for charging slots, intelligent route planning taking into account the Ionna network, payment applications, and transparent energy management.


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  • Anonymous

Oh boy! Yet another charging network. I'm sure it'll be much more reliable and user-friendly than the hodge podge of charging we already have. Seriously though, there's a reason only Tesla's are recommended for road trips. Su...



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