Nio gears up for 2024 Innovation Day with second-generation smartphone in tow

Max McDee, 17 June 2024

Nio is prepping for its second annual Innovation Day, dubbed Nio IN 2024. Following the success of its inaugural event in 2023, which saw the unveiling of Nio's first smartphone, in-house developed chip, SkyOS operating system, and expanded NOP+ capabilities, anticipation is high for this year's presentation.

Ma Lin, Nio's assistant vice president of branding and communications, hinted at the event's location on Weibo, suggesting either Shanghai, the company's global headquarters, or Beijing. Additionally, Ma revealed that Ren Shaoqing, Nio's vice president of intelligent driving research and development, will deliver a keynote address, quelling rumors of his departure from the company.

Nio gears up for 2024 Innovation Day with second-generation smartphone in tow

One of the most anticipated announcements is the unveiling of the second-generation Nio Phone. The current model, launched in 2023 with a starting price of $900, boasts seamless integration with Nio vehicles, offering over 30 quick-access functions. The upcoming model is expected to build upon this functionality with significant upgrades, potentially including enhanced processing power, improved camera capabilities, and an even more intuitive interface.

Despite a leadership change in Nio's smartphone division earlier this year, with Bai Jian taking the helm from Yin Shuijun, the company's CEO, William Li, assured that the development of the second-generation phone remains on track. In fact, Li revealed in March that the phone has completed development and is already in the manufacturing phase.

Nio gears up for 2024 Innovation Day with second-generation smartphone in tow

To further bolster the appeal of its EVs, Nio has been offering free first-generation Nio Phones to customers purchasing 2024 models. This strategic move not only boosts vehicle sales but also strengthens the ecosystem of interconnected devices that Nio is building.

While the exact date and location of Nio IN 2024 remain under wraps, the event is expected to be quite a showcase of Nio's latest advancements in EV technology and digital integration. With a focus on "brain-testing" content, attendees can anticipate a deep dive into the company's cutting-edge research and development, potentially including updates on autonomous driving technology, battery advancements, and software innovations.



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Nio amazing capital destruction in one year they managed to lower the share price from 17 to just over 4usd , impressive



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