Official images of Zeekr Mix revealed

Max McDee, 24 March 2024

Chinese automaker Zeekr has an unconventional new offering in the works that might just shake up the electric MPV segment. The MIX, a minivan with striking styling and a decidedly space-inspired theme, has recently been previewed in official images.

While its name may signify fusion or a mix of influences, the Zeekr MIX's rounded profile initially brings to mind another family-oriented electric vehicle – the Volkswagen ID. Buzz. Though comparisons to the retro-styled VW are inevitable, with dimensions of 184.6 inches long, 78.5 inches wide, and 69.1 inches tall on a 118.4 inches wheelbase, it's clear the MIX has its unique charm. This MPV is no imitation; its design philosophy breaks the mold.

Official images of Zeekr Mix revealed

Zeekr boldly claims that the inspiration for the MIX’s soft, aerodynamic design came from the Tiangong Space Station, China's very own outpost in orbit. Whether that connection is readily apparent to buyers or not, its distinctive curves and flowing lines give it a futuristic air that's rare in the MPV segment and hard to ignore.

Along with a generous panoramic sunroof, the MIX features futuristic touches like an absence of traditional door handles and a suspended roof design. There's a camera perched on the front fender, likely for driver-assist functions, and buyers can choose to spec their MIX with optional LiDAR. This focus on tech aligns with Zeekr's goal of offering cutting-edge autonomous capabilities. Wheel choices range from 19 to 20 inches, adding some sporty flair to a traditionally utilitarian vehicle type.

Official images of Zeekr Mix revealed

While the official interior images are still missing, courtesy of the latest spy shots from China we can now confirm that the latest Zeekr will have one feature missing - there is no B-pillar. Both front and rear doors on the passenger side slide out, revealing a wide opening, similar to the European Ford B-Max which was released back in 2012 - although Ford had the traditionally hinged front door. Buyers will have a choice between a standard five-seat layout or an optional 3+3, six-seat configuration.

Power will come from a potent 310 kW electric motor, ensuring brisk performance for family jaunts or solo commutes. While battery capacity is yet to be announced, Zeekr claims a top speed of 112 mph. Although the MIX and Zeekr 007 share the same powertrain, the MIIT filing only mentions 86 kWh NMC battery pack - no 100 kWh option. More details will surely emerge closer to the rumored Beijing Auto Show reveal in April.

Official images of Zeekr Mix revealed

The Zeekr MIX could be more than just a quirky new MPV. Zeekr itself, a subsidiary of the massive Geely automotive group, has ambitious goals. In 2024, the company targets selling an impressive 230,000 vehicles per year, a vast increase over previous estimates.


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