Polestar 3 hot weather testing successfully completed ahead of Q1 2024 production

Ro, 26 September 2023

Polestar 3 is going to be the company's first SUV scheduled for a Q1 2024 production. The car manufacturer now announced it has successfully completed hot weather testing in the United Arab Emirates.

Polestar 3 Polestar 3
Polestar 3

The vehicle had to go through rigorous testing around Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the surrounding deserts in toasty 50°C weather. Polestar's team of engineers was on site to fine-tune the climate systems so they can handle extreme weather conditions. Polestar is quick to remind that this is just one of the many tests before releasing a car.

Polestar 3 Polestar 3
Polestar 3

It looks like everything is moving according to plan and Polestar 3 will enter production in the first quarter of next year, but potential buyers can already see the SUV in person if they wish to do so. Polestar 3 prototypes can be found in all of Polestar's retail locations across the globe. Test drives are still unavailable, but you can sit inside and explore the interior and exterior of the upcoming SUV.

Polestar 3 Polestar 3
Polestar 3

Shortly after the Polestar 3, the company will launch another SUV, the Polestar 4. This one will be a performance SUV coupe.



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