Polestar's new videos talks about the front wing and SmartZone of the Polestar 3

Ivan, 20 January 2023

Polestar is releasing a series of videos about the Polestar 3 as part of its In detail series, which will tell us more about different aspects of the new car.

The first two are all about the SmartZone and the front wing, but there will be others for the cameras, the radar and LiDAR, as well as the flush handles, laminated glass, the rear wing, and the interior.

SmartZone is an area on the front of the Polestar 3 that houses the front-facing cameras and radar, as well as the heating wires, accelerometers, and ultrasonic sensors the car uses to monitor the road ahead. This, Polestar says, is the area where a conventional combustion-driven car would have a grille, but EVs don't need those.

The other video is about the front wing, which looks cool and optimizes its aerodynamics. Check it out !


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I hope they haven't forgotten about increasing practicality and reliability, and the fact that their cars are too tiny for this price


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