Polestones 01 EREV SUV debuts with 476 hp and 1,338 km of range for less than $50,000

Max McDee, 27 November 2023

China has been at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution, with a slew of homegrown automakers vying for a piece of the fast-growing market. One of the latest contenders to enter the arena is the Pininfarina-designed Polestones 01 EREV SUV, which recently started deliveries in China. The Polestones 01 wants to challenge established players like Li Auto's L8 and L9.

Polestones 01 EREV SUV - 476 hp and 1,338 km of range for less than $50,000

Developed by Rox Motor and manufactured by Beijing Automobile Works (BAW), this EREV SUV is available in six and seven seat configurations and comes with a bulky look that sets it apart in the crowded EV landscape.

The dimensions of the six-seat version are 198.8 inches/78 inches/73.6 inches, with a wheelbase of 118.5 inches, while the larger seven-seat variant extends to 208.5 inches. These dimensions place the Polestones 01 in the same league as the Li Auto L8 and L9.

Under the hood, the Polestones 01 features a 1.5-liter internal combustion engine (ICE) with 154 horsepower, manufactured by Xinchen China Power. Unlike traditional vehicles, where the ICE directly powers the wheels, in the Polestones 01, it acts as a generator. The propulsion is done by two electric motors, delivering robust 476 horsepower, supported by a 56 kWh ternary pack from CATL. This combination provides the Polestones 01 with an impressive mixed range of 831 miles (CLTC), making it a compelling choice for long journeys.

One of the standout features of the Polestones 01 is its pure electric range. At 146 miles electric range (CLTC), it enables you to do most city trips without ever turning on the ICE generator.

The Polestones 01 comes with a starting price of RMB 349,900 (approximately $48,900), with a higher-tier option priced at RMB 359,900 (around $50,300). The figures put it in direct competition with the Li Auto L8 and L9, both of which have been selling over 10,000 units monthly in the Chinese market. It will be intriguing to see whether the Polestones 01 can lure customers away from these established rivals.

Polestones 01 EREV SUV - 476 hp and 1,338 km of range for less than $50,000


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Well that is funny you say that; DesertStar is a flower and PoleStar is star.

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