Porsche Macan EV production starts in Leipzig

Max McDee, 15 May 2024

Porsche has officially brought its Leipzig production facility to the EV era. After a substantial investment of nearly $1 billion, the factory has now begun the highly anticipated Macan EV production.

The Leipzig plant, a cornerstone of Porsche's manufacturing operations, has undergone extensive renovations to integrate the Macan EV into its production line. A state-of-the-art body assembly line has been added, ensuring that the electric Macan meets the brand's stringent quality standards. Porsche's CEO, Oliver Blume, expressed his confidence in electric cars, stating, "At Porsche, we're convinced that electromobility is the future."

Porsche Macan EV production starts in Leipzig

Porsche wants to stay flexible by producing gasoline, hybrid, and electric vehicles on the same assembly line. As Porsche executive board member Albrecht Reimold describes, this "smart, lean, and green" approach reflects the company's commitment to intelligent manufacturing and minimizing environmental impact. The Macan EV has already entered production with a carbon-neutral balance sheet in Leipzig, which aligns with Porsche's ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality across its entire value chain by 2030.

Customer deliveries of the Macan EV will start in the second half of the year, and Porsche has received an impressive 10,000 pre-orders for the electric SUV. The Macan EV will be available in two variants: the Macan 4 and the Macan Turbo. The Macan 4 boasts 402 horsepower, while the Turbo model takes performance to another level with a staggering 630 horsepower. While EPA range figures are yet to be released, Porsche claims the Macan EV 4 can achieve up to 381 miles of range based on the WLTP cycle, and the Turbo version goes up to 367 miles.

Porsche Macan EV production starts in Leipzig

Built on Porsche's 800V PPE platform, the Macan EV offers rapid charging, going from 10% to 80% in under 21 minutes when using a 270 kW DC charger. It also boasts a spacious interior, with Porsche's latest Android Automotive infotainment system, spanning the 12.6-inch curved instrument cluster, the 10.9-inch central display, and the 10.9-inch touchscreen for passengers.


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