Porsche Taycan goes into submarine mode in Dubai

Vlad, 18 April 2024

Last year, Elon Musk said the Tesla Cybertruck would double as a boat, and this February we saw it attempt just that. Now the Porsche Taycan wants to play this game too. A Taycan has gone into what can only be described as Submarine Mode in Dubai a couple of days ago during the record flooding the city had to endure because of rain levels not seen in 75 years.

A lot of roads were flooded as a consequence, and one Taycan owner was unfazed. Instead of giving up, they just decided to go through, and even if, for a little while, it seemed questionable whether they'd actually make it, in the end the Taycan prevailed. See for yourself in the video below:

That's definitely not an advertised feature by Porsche, but maybe the brand should start to make a point of saying that its EV can't be stopped by mere record-breaking flooding.

Obviously we don't recommend you 'try this at home', as the saying goes, but it's very nice to see that EVs can handle even extreme situations like these with absolutely no issues.


Reader comments

TBH, it's hard to imagine someone describes Taycan as luxury car ... it's pretty much EV sports car, as fast as Tesla, but with good controls, driver focus features, much more comfortable, three times as expensive etc. It's a car fo...

  • aran27

German stuff is better than Chinese, right? Cheers!

  • Louie2

Porsche may not have advertised the Taycan as a freaking submarine, but maybe they should start now. Imagine the marketing: "More than just a luxury electric car, it's your personal underwater vehicle!"



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