Radar RD6 electric pickup truck from Geely starts at $24,700

Max McDee, 10 November 2022

Geely created Radar Auto to cater specifically for the outdoors lifestyle that appeals to so many people. The first product from the new brand is an electric pickup truck - what better car for adventures off the beaten track.

Radar RD6 electric pickup truck from Geely starts at $24,700

Radar RD6 is a medium sized pickup and it was officially launched in China yesterday. There are four versions available with prices ranging from $24,700 to just over $37,000 at the current exchange rates. The deliveries are scheduled to begin in January 2023.

All versions of the RD6 are powered by the same, 200 kW electric motor. Yes, a single motor powering rear wheels only, there were rumors of a dual-motor AWD version but it did not materialize at the launch.

Radar RD6 electric pickup truck from Geely starts at $24,700

Customers have a choice of three different battery packs - 63 kWh with 400 km range, 86 kWh with 550 km range and the largest 100 kWh with 632 km range. As usual the range is provided by CLTC which is extremely optimistic, expect real life results about 20 percent lower.

The truck comes with level 2 ADAS that, on top of the usual features, provides rear collision warning, rear cross traffic warning and autonomous braking in case of emergency. RD6 offers V2L with 6kW capacity - the truck can power home and DIY appliances through its onboard 220V/10A outlet and it can charge another electric car via dedicated 220V/16A outlet.

Radar RD6 electric pickup truck from Geely starts at $24,700

Radar is a fully independent brand of Geely, it has its own factory and its own R&D center. Pre-sales of the RD6 started in late September and the first vehicles have already rolled off the production line. The company hopes its first electric truck will disrupt the market and offer higher-value experience for customers - but a pickup truck without AWD? Isn’t that what pickup trucks are about?



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  • Lifeoutdoor

Being EV they had a really good chance on fitting AWD feature.. what a miss..



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