Samsung SDI and Volvo expand EV batteries partnership

Ro, 07 November 2023

Samsung SDI, which is the battery-making arm of the Korean tech giant, and Volvo are celebrating 5 years of partnership. The two companies have been working together since 2018 and only recently Samsung started supplying Volvo with its EV battery cells directly.

Samsung SDI and Volvo continue collaborating on EV batteries, to expand their partnership

During Volvo's President and CEO visit of Samsung SDI's battery plant in Cheonan, it was announced that the two companies will continue to collaborate on critical EV technologies and will likely expand their partnership even further. That includes the manufacturing of construction equipment and energy storage systems.

Volvo's FM Electric truck, announced last year, is using Samsung's 21700 high-nickel cylindrical battery cells, 28,000 of them in each battery pack, to be exact. And future Volvo trucks and buses will also get Samsung-made batteries.

Volvo's future plans are to go full electric by 2040 and it sees Samsung as a key partner in achieving this goal. It's going to need a lot of batteries and Samsung SDI is willing to provide them.



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  • BhloO

sometimes its not even a year 🫤 an imperfect connection that missed quality check between those high amp cables its all it takes. and obviously this is just one thing that could the driver's journey into a Final Destination movie...

  • Anonymous

Soo 5 years before these trucks blow up. Got it



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