Samsung's SmartThings announces first EV charger integration

Ro, 10 November 2023

Samsung's SmartThings is possibly the biggest smart home platform in the world and is now offering integration with EvLoop's EV charging network. The integration is also working with some EVs.

Samsung's SmartThings announces first EV charger integration

The SmartThings app now allows you to track and control the charging process, just like the native Loop EV Charger app. For instance, you can schedule the charging process to start during off-peak hours. Additionally, the SmartThings app can monitor and manage your charger with the app available on your smartwatch, tablet, TV and even the fridge. The future is now!

EvLoop is a charging network in the US and offers a wide variety of chargers - EV Flex, EV Flex Lite and EV Flex Level 2, with the vanilla EV Flex designated for home usage. The Lite variant allows remote maintenance, while the Level 2 is a full-fledged charging station and is suitable for various use cases.



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