Sixt strikes a deal with BYD for 100,000 EVs

Ro, 05 October 2022

It seems like BYD is off to a great start with its European market expansion. The Chinese EV maker struck a deal with one of Europe's biggest car rental companies - Sixt for the delivery of 100,000 EVs.

Sixt strikes a deal with BYD for 100,000 EVs

All those cars are intended for Sixt's European locations and initially, all will be BYD's Atto 3, which makes sense given that this is BYD's hero model for the European market. If all goes well, Sixt has plans to buy another set of 100,000 cars. Both companies are eyeing expansion options outside of Europe as well.

All of those EVs are part of the company's efforts for electrification of its fleet. All 200,000 cars should be delivered by the end of 2028 and Sixt's goal is to turn 70% to 90% of its fleet into EVs by the end of this decade. Still, Sixt expects the first batch of units to be delivered by the end of this year.



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  • Harry

Sixt, premium European brand, offering for rent Chinese crappy cars for prices over 100€ per day. No thanks :)


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