Skoda previews Epiq - a rugged electric crossover

Max McDee, 15 March 2024

Czech automaker Skoda is aiming to deliver an affordable electric crossovers dubbed Epiq next year. This all-new EV - still at the design study stage - draws inspiration from the much-revered Skoda Yeti, offering a compelling mix of practicality, cutting-edge tech, and price around $26,800.

Skoda's "Modern Solid" design philosophy takes a bolder turn with the Epiq. Clean lines and sculpted surfaces give the vehicle a confident, almost chunky presence, while the clamshell hood and prominent wheel arches add a touch of ruggedness.

The Epiq's lighting signature is particularly striking, with slim LED elements and a minimalist "Tech-Deck" grille that cleverly conceals a range of driver-assistance sensors. Interestingly, the traditional Skoda winged emblem is nowhere to be found – instead, Skoda lettering adorns the hood and tailgate.

Skoda Epiq is a rugged electric crossover with big name to live up to

Inside, the Yeti's spirit of functional spaciousness carries over surprisingly well to the Epiq. Despite its compact footprint, the interior boasts ample passenger room and a flexible cargo area. With 17.3 ft³ of trunk space, it even eclipses the Yeti's.

There's a floating center console with wireless phone charging and robust storage solutions. In line with current trends, sustainable materials are used throughout the cabin, emphasizing Skoda's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Skoda Epiq is a rugged electric crossover with big name to live up to

A large central touchscreen lets you access the infotainment and vehicle settings. Thankfully, Skoda has retained some physical controls for frequently used functions, ensuring a less distracting driving experience. Smartphone integration and the option to use your phone as a digital key are also on the menu.

The Epiq boasts compact dimensions, measuring 161.4 inches in length, making it a nimble option in tight city streets. Notably, the Epiq represents the Volkswagen Group's first foray into truly small electric vehicles. This heralds a wave of similarly sized, budget-friendly options, as VW ID.2all and Cupra Raval are expected to launch soon as well.

Skoda Epiq is a rugged electric crossover with big name to live up to

The use of the MEB Entry platform means the Skoda is likely to offer similar battery options to its VW and Cupra siblings – expect a smaller 38 kWh battery for city-focused driving and a larger 56 kWh pack for longer trips, while allowing for rapid DC charging at speeds of up to 125kW.

Power will likely come from a single front-mounted electric motor, potentially mirroring the ID.2's output of around 223 horsepower. This should ensure a peppy 0-62 mph time in the sub-seven-second range. Unless Skoda decides to cut the numbers down a bit in the name of affordability.

Skoda Epiq is a rugged electric crossover with big name to live up to

Skoda says the "Epiq" name is derived from the ancient Greek word "epos," which translates to "word," "tale," or "poem." And Skoda wants the Epiq to mark a new chapter in the company's electric vehicle story.

The new Epiq will form a part of Skoda’s growing electric family of 6 new vehicles. Skoda will officially unveil the production version sometime in 2025, with the car hopefully hitting the showrooms the same year.

It won’t be an easy ride though - the Epiq will arrive just as the new Renault 5 will already be on the market, with Citroen about to start delivering its e-C3 in short few months. The €25,000 EV niche is becoming highly contested with every automaker promising to bring out an attractive offering - and about time.


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