Stellantis dealerships to offer EV fast charging in Europe

Max McDee, 05 December 2023

In a move aimed at bolstering the electric vehicle landscape in Europe, Stellantis will deploy a network of fast charging stations across its official brand dealership locations by the end of 2024. The initiative, in collaboration with Free2move Charge and select Charge Point Operators, will enhance charging accessibility for all.

The expansion of fast-charging infrastructure in Europe comes as a vital step towards Stellantis' goals outlined in its Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan. By the end of this decade, the corporation aims to only sell BEV passenger cars in Europe, while also committing to becoming a carbon net-zero corporation by 2038.

Stellantis dealerships to offer EV fast charging in Europe

The project will see over 400 new fast charging stations, with a combined 1,600 plugs, installed at Stellantis dealerships, dotted across the European landscape. The company has chosen to co-brand these charging stations under the name "Free2move Charge".

Each charging site will be equipped with multiple fast charging stations, aiming not only to meet the rising demand for fast and reliable public charging but also to enhance the visibility and traffic for Stellantis dealerships, attracting new EV customers and providing additional services to existing ones.

Stellantis dealerships to offer EV fast charging in Europe

To that end Stellantis is not limiting these charging stations to it EVs from its own brands. Instead, it welcomes all EV drivers, irrespective of their vehicle's brand, to utilize these fast chargers.

Stellantis brand EV customers will be happy to know that they will have access to preferential charging tariffs through the Free2move Charge Go App.



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