Subaru will build three more electric SUVs with Toyota’s help

Max McDee, 14 May 2024

Subaru, traditionally known for its all-wheel-drive vehicles and outdoorsy image, is embarking on a significant expansion into the electric vehicle market. The company announced a partnership with Toyota to co-develop three new electric SUVs by 2026.

Subaru's current EV portfolio consists solely of the Solterra, an SUV co-developed with Toyota. Subaru now aims to diversify its electric lineup and tap into the growing demand for sustainable transportation. The decision to partner with Toyota stems from Subaru's CEO Atsushi Osaki's acknowledgment of the inherent risks of navigating the nascent EV landscape alone, particularly for a smaller automaker like Subaru.

Subaru plans to build three electric SUVs with Toyota's help Subaru plans to build three electric SUVs with Toyota's help

By collaborating with Toyota, Subaru can pool resources and reduce the financial burden of developing and manufacturing new EVs. Toyota's vast experience in electric and hybrid technologies will undoubtedly contribute to the development of more efficient and, hopefully, innovative vehicles.

One of the upcoming Subaru EVs is slated to be produced by Toyota in the United States, making it eligible for federal purchase incentives. This move highlights Subaru's desire to expand its US presence and capitalize on the growing EV market.

Subaru will build three electric SUVs with Toyota’s help

In addition to the three Toyota-sourced EVs, Subaru has ambitious plans to launch four in-house EVs by 2028. The company is also developing hybrid versions of its popular models, the Crosstrek and Forester, indicating a multi-pronged approach to electrification.

The Subaru Solterra faced criticism for its slow charging speed and range limitations, so the company is determined to address these shortcomings in its future models.



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