30+ models in a summer range test

Max McDee, 07 June 2022

The Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) is equivalent to the German ADAC, the American AAA or the UK AA. It was established in 1924 and is responsible for national vehicle safety testing, while also offering roadside recovery services and camping sites. Every 6 months NAF tests the actual range of new electric cars and to ensure each car is tested in similar conditions the test is carried out on the same day. Sounds like a busy day and a road trip adventure at the same time.

Test drivers getting ready Test drivers getting ready

Last Wednesday, June 1 a group of drivers gathered in Vulkan in Oslo and were presented with 31 cars. All fully charged and ready to take on a real life range test. This isn’t a laboratory test, but all the cars are driven along the same route, in the city traffic and then all the drivers head for the countryside and mountain roads. This is a one-way test as well with cars being driven until they fully run out of electricity.

Test cars leaving Vulkan area of Oslo Test cars leaving Vulkan area of Oslo

Among the well known brands there was a newcomer - a Chinese Hongqi EHS-9. Norway is the test ground for Chinese brands venturing into the European market and after NIO the Hongqi is the next automaker to bring its flagship to the Old Continent. If you are standing far enough and squint your eyes a bit, maybe a lot actually and you kinda tilt your head to one side - you could mistake the EHS-9 for a Rolls-Royce Cullinan. But then the car gets closer and you realise it isn’t. And that’s not the only disappointment.

Not a Cullinan Not a Cullinan

The Chinese automaker claims the EHS-9 has 465km of range but during the test it had to be towed to a charging station after covering just 371km - that’s 20% less than expected. We could blame the Norwegian summer for the bad results, temperature was between 7°C and 15°C and it was raining for most of the day but no other car suffered to the same extent.

Mercedes EQS run out of range much quicker than expected Mercedes EQS run out of range much quicker than expected

Another major disappointment came courtesy of Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ with a promised WLTP range of 711 km. It was a clear contender for last year’s Tesla Model 3 LR AWD astonishing result of 654.9 km. But then the Mercedes took to the road and failed with style, it came 91km short of its advertised range after managing to drive for 620km. Obviously directly comparing it to Tesla’s performance from last year is unfair as conditions were slightly different, but it's still among those with the largest difference between promises and reality.

NAF tests new electric cars twice a year NAF tests new electric cars twice a year

All cars followed the same route - first a loop throughout Oslo and then out towards Gjovik and then all headed north on E6 towards Hjerkinn where every car would turn around and head back to Ringebu. All the cars were driven until they stopped with no charge left in the battery.

It is by far the most comprehensive test of EVs at the moment and it is exactly what all prospective owners should see. We enclose a full table of the results below with all 31 cars available in the EU market with some of them available in the US.

All cars follow the same route on the same day All cars follow the same route on the same day

Not all cars were disappointments - Polestar 2 LR managed to beat its WLTP range by 2.4 km, Tesla Model Y LR delivered 38km more than its WLTP range. BMW i4 M50 carried on for 24 km more than its stated WLTP and Audi Q4 e-tron 50 quattro delivered extra 600 meters - not a lot but a lot better than Mercedes. Have a look at the results below and as usual let us know in the comments - which cars were the biggest disappointments and which exceeded your expectations?

Model WLTP range Tested range ⬇ Difference
Mercedes EQS 450+ 730km / 453mi 620km / 385mi -15.1%
Mercedes EQS 580 4MATIC 645km / 400mi 596km / 370mi -7.6%
BMW i4 eDrive40 590km / 366mi 583km / 362mi -1.2%
BMW iX xDrive50 591km / 367mi 568km / 353mi -3.9%
Tesla Model Y LR AWD 507km / 315mi 545km / 338mi 7.5%
BMW i4 M50 497km / 308mi 521km / 323mi 4.8%
Polestar 2 LR FWD 517km / 321mi 521km / 323mi 0.8%
KIA EV6 LR RWD 528km / 328mi 500km / 310mi -5.3%
Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS 505km / 313mi 497km / 308mi -1.6%
Audi Q4 e-tron 40 485km / 301mi 461km / 286mi -4.9%
Audi Q4 e-tron 50 quattro 459km / 285mi 460km / 285mi 0.2%
KIA EV6 LR AWD 484km / 300mi 459km / 285mi -5.2%
Volkswagen ID.5 GTX 425km / 264mi 453km / 281mi 6.6%
Polestar 2 LR AWD 476km / 295mi 447km / 277mi -6.1%
Huyndai Inoiq 5 LR RWD 481km / 298mi 446km / 277mi -7.3%
Skoda Enyaq iV 80X 477km / 296mi 446km / 277mi -6.5%
NIO ES8 488km / 303mi 444km / 275mi -9.0%
MG ZS LR 440km / 273mi 443km / 275mi 0.7%
Mercedes AMG EQE 43 4MATIC 532km / 330mi 443km / 275mi -16.7%
Ford Mustang Mach-E GT 500km / 310mi 437km / 271mi -12.6%
Xpeng P7 470km / 292mi 436km / 270mi -7.2%
Volkswagen ID.4 GTX 475km / 295mi 428km / 266mi -9.9%
Volvo C40 Recharge 437km / 271mi 419km / 260mi -4.1%
Renault Megane E-Tech 60kWh 454km / 282mi 413km / 256mi -9.0%
Mercedes EQB 350 4MATIC 407km / 252mi 411km / 255mi 1.0%
BYD Tang 400km / 248mi 408km / 253mi 2.0%
Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo 456km / 283mi 403km / 250mi -11.6%
BMW iX xDrive40 402km / 249mi 399km / 247mi -0.7%
Maxus Euniq6 354km / 220mi 388km / 241mi 9.6%
Cupra Born 395km / 245mi 376km / 233mi -4.8%
Hongqi E-HS9 465km / 288mi 371km / 230mi -20.2%
All cars in the test were driving until they ran out of battery power All cars in the test were driving until they ran out of battery power



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