TCL unveils 47.5” automotive curved display in Los Angeles

Max McDee, 26 May 2023

At the Society for Information Display held in Los Angeles, TCL CSOT unveiled its first automotive display, and it is a whopper. Sure, Mercedes EQS, and now EQE offer a 56” display, but technically speaking - it’s three separate displays under one pane of glass that stretches 56 inches.

TCL offers something different - a continuous display of 47.5 inches under 1.4-meter wide curved glass that can stretch all the way from one side of the vehicle to the other. The entire area of the display is equipped with in-cell touch sensing and responds to multiple inputs making it possible for both the driver and passenger to operate it simultaneously.

TCL unveils 47.5” automotive curved display in Los Angeles

The curved display sports a 4,200R radius, offers an integrated instrument cluster without any boundaries, and allows the passenger to control infotainment. The mini-LED matrix with 3,000 local dimming zones has a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 and a native 8K resolution making it the highest resolution screen in the automotive industry.

Rather than going vertical and coming up with a spinning design, TCL took a simple yet effective approach. Utilizing the full width of a dashboard makes so much sense, and while Mercedes’ attempt is impressive due to the share size of its screen, TCL’s idea is far more classy and far easier to use.

TCL unveils 47.5” automotive curved display in Los Angeles

The TCL product is impressive, it will lower the costs for automakers considerably by having a large screen and yet in a single, and simple-to-install assembly. The only thing that is possibly missing here, is the redundancy. This is always a worry when automakers replace the instrument cluster with integrated screens. Screens tend to go awry, and the most recent example is VinFast which has been forced to recall its vehicles in the US because of the screen going blank - not the thing you want happening when you’re driving.

The company did not share any more information about its first automotive screen, and at this stage, no automaker has committed yet to installing it in any of its vehicles. This will change quickly though, the screens have become selling points, and many automotive brands are stuck in the race for the largest screen installed in a car. It seems TCL has a perfect answer for those companies.


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This is interesting but as with phone or tablet if just a tiny part of the screen gfet scratched or damaged whole screen need ot be replaced this going to be same thing.

  • Anonymous

What is the aspect ratio? Put that display in my living room.



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