Tesla FSD v12 released to company employees

Max McDee, 25 November 2023

Tesla finally began the rollout of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) v12 update, promising to revolutionize autonomous driving technology. Elon Musk seemingly confirmed the rollout sparking equally as much hype as skepticism. Putting everything aside though, it appears that Tesla is right on track with its ambitious plans.

The latest news, confirmed by Musk himself, reveals that FSD v12 is now in the hands of Tesla employees, with the internal update version being 2023.38.10. This milestone update is poised to eliminate the "beta" label that has been associated with previous versions, signifying a significant leap forward in the development of Tesla's autonomous driving capabilities.

Tesla FSD v12 released to company employees

While the internal release may seem limited in scale, it is strategically timed just before two major Tesla events: the Cybertruck delivery event and the highly anticipated holiday update. These events could serve as the perfect platforms for Tesla to showcase its latest breakthroughs and features, potentially featuring FSD v12 as a game-changer.

One notable aspect of FSD v12 is its adoption of neural networks for vehicle control. This update eliminates over 300,000 lines of code that previously governed FSD functions, replacing them with neural networks for steering, acceleration, and braking. This transition reduces the system's reliance on hard-coded programming, aligning it more closely with human-like decision-making processes. It's a move that underscores Tesla's commitment to replicating human-level autonomy in its vehicles.

In fact, Elon Musk has described FSD v12 as an "end-to-end AI" with a "photon in, controls out" approach, emphasizing its capacity to make complex decisions in real-world scenarios. During a live-streamed drive through Palo Alto, the Model S showcased its smooth navigation through construction zones, roundabouts, and traffic, demonstrating the system's ability to adapt to the complexities of the road. But it wasn’t all plain sailing and Elon himself was forced to intervene on a couple of occasions.

Tesla FSD v12 released to company employees

The release of FSD v12 marks a crucial milestone in Tesla's journey towards AI-driven autonomy, reflecting not only technological advancement but also an alignment with nuanced human behavior. Elon Musk's unwavering focus on AI underscores Tesla's significance in the electric vehicle market and the broader AI revolution.

As we eagerly await further details on the public release of FSD v12 and its potential showcase at upcoming events, we can’t help to trim our expectations and keep our skeptical hats on. On one hand, we wish the FSD saga finally came to a successful close but at the same time, the technology has been so many times over-hyped that the whole world got tired of Elon crying wolf. Hopefully, this time the tech delivers, and Tesla’s efforts will be vindicated.



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