Tesla is reportedly prioritizing Elon and influencers' routes to train its FSD

Ro, 10 July 2024

According to a new report by Business Insider, which claims to have spoken to insiders, Tesla is prioritizing Elon Musk's routes and other influencers to train its FSD. The information comes from two sources - an ex-employee and a current one too.

Tesla is reportedly prioritizing Elon and other VIP users' routes to train its FSD

There's even a team working on FSD tasked to analyze and prioritize data coming from Elon Musk's car and other users, who are likely to post about FSD and show videos of how the system works.

This could explain why there's a big discrepancy between what we see in YouTube videos and what most people experience using the beta version of the Full Self-Driving. FSD will perform better than usual on those specifically optimized routes than the actual self-driving experience in other areas.

Elon Musk has promoted FSD by inviting people to go to YouTube and watch videos of FSD testers on their usual routes. And if the claims of the report are true this is deceptive advertising, to put it mildly.

However, other Tesla staff members say that Elon Musk is not only a CEO but a beta tester of FSD as well, so it's normal to prioritize his feedback and driving data. And as for other "VIP" FSD users, the argument is that they tend to test push the FSD to its limits, hence why Tesla would want to optimize their routes first and subsequently improve the self-driving experience for the rest of the users.



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