Tesla Model 2 spotted in Giga Berlin parking lot, maybe

Vlad, 17 February 2024

Tesla's next vehicle will be a compact crossover codenamed Redwood and widely anticipated to be marketed as Model 2. Production should start in late 2025, according to the latest reports, and it will be made in both Mexico and Berlin, Germany.

That's an important bit of information to keep in mind, since now a drone shot has revealed a very interesting vehicle in one of the parking lots of Tesla's Giga Berlin factory. It's obviously smaller than the Model Y behind it, and it doesn't quite look like any other Tesla that's been launched so far.

The shot above is extracted from the video below. You can see the panning shot in the video from 19:30 to 19:45.

Could this be the mythical Model 2, the Tesla for the masses? Well, maybe. Then again, why would Tesla just leave it there in a dirt parking lot for all drones to see? Unless of course it wanted the attention, which wouldn't be out of the question either. Building hype years in advance of a model's release is something Tesla is pretty good at - just ask the Cybertruck.

According to some people on the internet, it could be nothing more than a partially torn down Model Y, or even a teardown of a competitor like Ford's Mustang Mach-E. The latter theory can't really be disproved when all we have are drone shots from so far away, but the former idea, that this is a Model Y, seems off considering the proportions compared to the Model Y sitting right next to the mystery car.

Anyway, it's impossible to be sure, but it sure is easy to speculate. What do you think? Is this the first sighting of Tesla's upcoming affordable EV? Or is the company just playing tricks on us?



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  • Anonymous

I think the Twitter link is enough. Simple as clicking on it and viewing it. I'm sure the person posting it appreciates it more too

  • Dennis

I agree with Jimmy. Embed the image properly, but still link to Twitter as a source.

  • Jimmy

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