Tesla Model 3 Performance spotted in Spain

Max McDee, 26 February 2024

For years, Tesla has dazzled its faithful (and irked its detractors) with a cycle of hype, leaks, and incremental improvements. Their latest move is no different; the refreshed Model 3 Performance, sporting the tongue-in-cheek “Ludicrous” badge, is here. But should you care?

The new Model 3 Performance was spotted during what seemed like a promo shoot in Spain. We have revised bumpers and new spoilers. The large red brake calipers are hugging much larger disc brakes, and large alloy wheels finish off the subtle design. It’s pretty sharp, in typical Tesla fashion. But then again, sharp styling is one thing Tesla has always gotten right.

Inside, we can clearly see the new bucket seats, promising to hold the driver tightly in place - hopefully, they aren’t just an aesthetic touch.

Let’s talk about what Tesla isn’t showing us. The real magic is rumored to be under the hood. Supposedly, a new electric motor with a carbon sleeve rotor will boost the already respectable power output. The previous Model 3 Performance hit 0 mph in 3.3 seconds, making it already ridiculously quick.

Tesla is typically tight-lipped on specs, so we’ll be waiting for some hard performance numbers before getting too excited. This refreshed Model 3 Performance taking part in a marketing photoshoot suggests only one thing - the launch is coming soon, likely within the first quarter of the year. Don’t expect it to hit US dealerships anytime soon, though.

The Tesla Model 3 remains one of the reigning champions of electric cars. If you own a recent Model 3 Performance, don't expect this update to radically change the driving experience. For those looking to finally jump into the EV game, the new Model 3 Performance will be a very compelling option.


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