Tesla Model 3 Performance refresh spotted with bucket seats

Vlad, 20 February 2024

Tesla launched the refreshed Model 3, codenamed Highland, late last year (and it only made it to North America last month). But so far we only got the lower-end Standard Range and Long Range trims. The top of the line Performance version is still waiting for its very own Highland refresh, which should be coming later this year.

Tesla is clearly working on the Performance Highland, since an engineering prototype has just been spotted out and about in the wild on the streets of Santa Monica, wearing some pretty heavy camo on the front and rear as you can see in the images below, the first of which was posted on Reddit.

It's pretty easy to tell that this is a Highland based on the shape of the headlights. It's also very easy to tell that this is the Performance version because - look at those white bucket seats! The sporty seats will definitely complement the rumored upgraded drivetrain here to ensure smooth cornering without sliding out of your seat.

The fact that this car has camouflage only on the front makes us think there are some minute changes there too, compared to the 'vanilla' non-Performance Highland Model 3s, things that would differentiate the Performance trim.

Anyway, if the new bucket seats are well received by the public, we wouldn't be surprised to see them eventually making their way to the Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid versions.


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