Tesla Model S and Model X face delivery delays

Max McDee, 24 September 2023

In a move that has left potential buyers tapping their feet impatiently, Tesla has extended the estimated delivery times for its Model S and Model X in the United States. The elongated wait period comes on the heels of a significant reduction in the prices of these models, a strategy that seems to have fueled an uptick in demand.

A few months prior, Tesla had slashed the prices of the Model S and Model X by a substantial $13,500 to $18,500, marking a 15.3 to 18.8 percent decrease, depending on the version. This price adjustment, particularly for the entry-level Model X, which boasts a starting MSRP of $79,990, rendered it eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit.

Tesla Model S and Model X face delivery delays

The aftermath of this price reduction is palpable. The estimated delivery time for the Model S, across all versions, has been pushed to October-November, while for the Model X, buyers are looking at a November-December timeframe. Contrast this with the previous scenario where customers were in for just a several-week wait, and you can sense the growing anticipation.

While the production and supply side of the equation remains a bit of a mystery, it’s plausible to assume that Tesla continues to produce a comparable number of cars for the US market. If this holds true, the attractive new prices have likely lured in additional buyers, contributing to the extended wait times.

Tesla Model S and Model X face delivery delays

Tesla’s pricing strategy has previously demonstrated its efficacy. Earlier this year, the automaker showcased that price indeed plays a pivotal role, managing to uphold and even boost its sales volume in the US and globally through strategic price cuts.

For those meticulously comparing, here’s a breakdown of the effective prices post the adjustments in the US:

  • 2023 Tesla Model S LR AWD 19-inch wheels: $76,630
  • 2023 Tesla Model S LR AWD 21-inch wheels: $81,130
  • 2023 Tesla Model S Plaid 19-inch wheels: $91,630
  • 2023 Tesla Model S Plaid 21-inch wheels: $96,130
  • 2023 Tesla Model X LR AWD 20-inch wheels: $74,130 (After $7,500 tax credit)
  • 2023 Tesla Model X LR AWD 22-inch wheels: $87,130
  • 2023 Tesla Model X Plaid 20-inch wheels: $91,630
  • 2023 Tesla Model X Plaid 22-inch wheels: $97,130

These prices include a Destination fee of $1,390 and an Order Fee of $250, totaling an additional $1,640 to all listed models.

Tesla Model S and Model X face delivery delays

In comparison, the delivery times for the previous Model 3 and Model Y remain relatively short, with orders expected to be fulfilled within a few weeks. However, the automotive grapevine suggests that this might see a change with the introduction to the American market of the Model 3 Highland in the coming months.


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