Tesla Cybertruck chief is out, parts of Supercharger team return

Max McDee, 15 May 2024

The winds of change continue to howl through Tesla's headquarters. Renjie Zhu, the mastermind behind the Cybertruck's manufacturing, has announced his departure from the company, adding another name to the growing list of high-profile exits since Tesla's announcement of a 10% workforce reduction.

The departure of Zhu isn't the only news causing a stir. Rich Otto, the former head of product launches, cited the "recent layoffs [rocked] the company and its morale" as his reason for leaving, further fueling speculation about the internal atmosphere at Tesla.

One of the most controversial decisions in this whirlwind of change was the dismissal of Tesla's entire 500-strong Supercharger team. However, now Tesla seems to be backpedaling on this decision. Reports suggest that the company has started rehiring some of the laid-off Supercharger team members, including Max de Zegher, the former director of charging for North America.

Tesla rollercoaster ride with Cybertruck chief out and Supercharger team back

Despite the internal turbulence, Tesla remains committed to investing heavily in its Supercharger network, with a pledge of at least $500 million by the year's end. It's a crucial move for the company's future, as the Supercharger network continues to be a significant competitive advantage for Tesla.


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