Tesla teases a new product launch on April 3, could be the V4 Supercharger

Ro, 30 March 2023

Tesla shared a new teaser online, indicating a new launch in China on April 3. Just a few days from now, the EV maker will unveil a new "Supercharging" product, as evident by the poster, so it's probably safe to assume that this is the long-awaited V4 Supercharger station.

Tesla's teaser poster
Tesla's teaser poster

The company has already deployed some of its chargers in Harderwijk, Netherlands. The new V4 Supercharger is a departure from the previous version in terms of design and it also employs a longer cable so it can work better with vehicles other than Tesla.

However, it seems that the V4 charger will officially launch in China first and it already has over 1,100 Superchargers in the country.



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