Tesla China says there's no Model Y facelift in the 2024 pipeline

Ro, 13 February 2024

Shortly after Tesla released its facelift Model 3 many are expecting the Model Y to be the next, even if the Model S and Model X are due for a facelift more than the Model Y, as they are much older models. After all, the Model Y first launched back in 2019 while the rest were released prior to that.

Tesla's Chinese arm says there's no Model Y facelift in the pipeline

Tesla China came out with an official statement saying that the company has no plans on updating the Model Y. Tesla also took the opportunity to remind its customers that this is the best time to buy the best-selling EV in the world.

Especially considering the recent price cuts in China and the US.

It's important to note that Tesla China stated it has no plans on updating the Model Y this year and so did Tesla US, so there's still a chance that we will get a facelift next year, for example.



Reader comments

  • Andries

Wasn't this article originally about Tesla USA, and is it changed to China now, ArenaEV? Or am I mistaken?

  • Anonymous

It means they are finishing up old material in warehouses throughout 2024 and launch updated Model Y in 2025 Q1.



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