Tesla's Cybertruck tool rack accessory showcased

Ro, 09 May 2023

The Cybertruck production has been pushed too many times to count in the last couple of years, but given how often we get to see the vehicle tested on the streets and Elon Musk talking about it, at least some customers will finally get to drive it sometime in the next year.

It also looks like Tesla is thinking about the accessories for the Cybertruck now. During Tesla's Lithium Groundbreaking event in Texas yesterday, Musk showed a Cybertruck prototype with what seems to be a tool rack on its back. This accessory is obviously aimed at people looking to maximize the Cybertruck's workhorse potential.

The Cybertruck tool rack The Cybertruck tool rack
The Cybertruck tool rack

It's hard to see it all from the video, but it looks like you will be able to hang some tools off the side of the rack as well as attach storage boxes, bike racks or anything in-between on top of the rack.

But since the truck isn't out yet and the first units will roll out of the production line toward the end of this year, don't hold your breath for anything official as far as the rack is concerned. But it will be nice to see it available at launch.


Reader comments

  • DnArturo

Would be great to have an accessory attachment to the front for a tree auger.

  • OMG

One ugly truck! Roll up and come and see our all new comedy truck, it put a smile on your face. :D



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