Tesla's new software update enables automatic steering wheel heating, improved Sentry Mode

Ro, 25 January 2023

Tesla just released a new software update that enables automatic heating of the steering wheel and Sentry Mode lighting. The version of the software is 2023.2.0.5 and it's already seeding, although it might take a few days to reach every car.

The auto heating of the steering wheel takes into account the temperature set on the climate control and will adjust the heating intensity based on the ambient temperature.

Tesla's new software update enables automatic steering wheel heating and improved Sentry Mode

When the Sentry Mode is active, the system will softly pulse the headlights once the "surveillance system" is active. The pulsing stops after 60 seconds or when the vehicle is unlocked. It's a smart way to warn to vandals and thieves that the Sentry Mode is active and the cameras are recording. And it's also a way to alert you that something is going on around your car, as long as you are around to see it.



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  • Anonymous

I love the way my Tesla drives. However I hate these software updates and the build quality on my Model Y performance is BAD!! My rear spoiler was delivered loose and now the rubber seals around my rear passenger doors are coming off!! LoL man this c...


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