The Chinese FAW Group joins Nio's battery swap alliance

Ro, 17 May 2024

You've probably heard about Nio's battery swap service in China by now and just like Tesla, the company is trying to open up its network to other EV manufacturers who want to develop cars with swappable batteries.

The Chinese FAW Group joins Nio's battery swap alliance

According to a local media outlet, FAW Group will soon become the 8th member to join the Nio-led alliance. The other six makers are GAC Group, Changan Automobile, Geely, Chery, JAC and Lotus.

Currently, Nio has 2,416 stations across China with 1,000 more coming this year. Medium-term plans include 10,000 battery swap stations and a robust network that involves more EV makers. And the reports so far suggest that more manufacturers are willing to join the club.

If the 10,000 stations goal is reached, Nio believes it can support about 10 million vehicles on the streets and potentially expand across different price ranges, not just premium cars.



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  • edge cache specs

Please report the peak throughput. How many batteries in the swap station? How long to recharge those batteries? What if all the traditional charge spots are occupied as well? How long is the worst case wait time if a person arrives at n+1? Duri...



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