The futuristic luxury-focused Toyota Land Cruiser Se goes electric

Max McDee, 21 October 2023

The famed Toyota Land Cruiser, a titan in the SUV landscape for decades, has taken a sharp turn into the future. Slated for a grand unveiling at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota has given us a sneak peek at the electrically invigorated Land Cruiser, named the Land Cruiser Se. This isn't just an electric version of the old brute - it's an entirely different beast.

The futuristic luxury-focused Toyota Land Cruiser Se goes electric

Gone are the rugged, utilitarian vibes that the Land Cruiser has always been known for. The new model looks to be part of the electric luxury SUV movement. Its sleek design emphasizes aerodynamic efficiency, stepping away from the boxy charm of its predecessors. Notably, the distinctive, angled bonnet, rakish roofline, and profoundly sculpted sides make it stand out. Furthermore, elements like slimline wraparound light bars, rear-view cameras, and low-profile tires not-so-subtly suggest that Toyota is aiming for the higher-end market with this one.

Size-wise, the Land Cruiser Se measures up at 202.8 inches in length, 78.3 inches in width, and 67.1 inches in height. The dimensions align closely with today’s full-sized Land Cruiser models popular in the US and the Middle East and surpass those of its European EV competitors - the Mercedes EQS SUV and BMW iX - although the Cadillac Escalade IQ has the upper hand in the size department.

Toyota's hints about this model are intriguing. Besides its seven-seater capacity, the Land Cruiser Se emphasizes quiet and comfortable drives in urban terrains, making it clear that this electric SUV is built more for cityscapes than rugged, off-road adventures. Toyota claims the new monocoque design aspect will lend the SUV "highly responsive handling." But with its seemingly low ground clearance and urban-focused design, expect this vehicle's version of 'rough terrains' to be more in line with pothole-ridden city streets than mountainous terrains.

Toyota, ever the master of suspense, hasn't divulged much detail when it comes to the powertrain. However, they've highlighted the vehicle's high-torque battery electric driving experience. There's also the talk about the potential 621 miles range thanks to advanced lithium-ion technology, which, if true, would be a game-changer. But as far as motor numbers, power specifics, or battery size, Toyota's keeping those cards close to its chest.

The futuristic luxury-focused Toyota Land Cruiser Se goes electric

The larger picture here is Toyota's unmistakable pivot to the electric era. Alongside the Land Cruiser Se, there are the likes of the FT-Se sports car and FT-3e crossover. These vehicles, according to industry insiders, are the heralds of Toyota’s next generation of electric vehicles, expected to roll out in 2026.

The Toyota Land Cruiser lineage is over 70 years old. That's seven decades of adapting, evolving, and now, electrifying. The Land Cruiser Se, with its significant departure from tradition, is a bold testament to Toyota's commitment to innovation.

The futuristic luxury-focused Toyota Land Cruiser Se goes electric


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In countries with cheap electricity (like Sweden) a normal person can buy a 2nd hand electric car and save money compared to a diesel car. I switched my 2018 diesel 1-series BMW (118d, 150hp) to a 2019 BMW i3 (170hp) and pay same amount for loan ever...

  • Keelan4

A 600+mile potential range? Come on, Toyota, we all know those numbers are highly exaggerated. I'll believe it when I see it. Electric vehicles still have a long way to go.

  • Anonymous

Another example of the future automobile. Cars will be only affordable for rich people to show off. From being an immortal and utilitarian car the Land Cruiser evolved into a fragile iron block for the golden boy to pick up his friends. The norm...



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