Winter range test of 23 EVs produces surprising champion

Ro, 01 February 2024 carries out winter tests each year in Norway to see which EV performs best in these harsh winter conditions and more often than not it was one of Tesla models on top with the Model S Plaid achieving 329 miles last year. However, this year it was the HiPhi Z to come on top. It did 324 miles on a charge, but keep in mind that results aren't directly comparable year over year since conditions aren't exactly the same.

The HiPhi Z dethrones Tesla in a new winter range test

Conditions were the same for all 23 cars tested this year though, the ambient temperatures ranging between -1 to -5 °C and driving around the steep mountainous terrain in the Dovrefjell region. All vehicles were driven until full depletion.

The champion came shockingly close to its WLTP range, losing just 5.9%, but there were plenty that lost more than 20% of their advertised range.

The facelift Tesla Model 3 Long Range was one of the worst when it comes to deviation from WLTP figures. This year the Model 3 got up to 274 miles - a 30% decrease in range and a big decline from the 324 miles result by the 2021 model.

The Model 3 only ranked ninth actually as HiPhi Z with its 324 miles range, was joined on the podium by the Nio ET5 Touring (299 miles) and Hyundai Ioniq 6 (RWD) (291 miles). Lotus Eletre S (289 miles) and the Nio EL6 (283 miles) completed the top 5 and you can see the full breakdown below:

Model WLTP rating Actual range Deviation
HiPhi Z 345 miles 324 miles -5.9%
Nio ET5 Touring 348 miles 299 miles -14%
Hyundai Ioniq 6 (RWD) 382 miles 291 miles -23.8%
Lotus Eletre S 329 miles 289 miles -12.3%
Nio EL6 329 miles 283 miles -13.8%
Xpeng G9 Performance 323 miles 281 miles -13.1%
BMW i5 eDrive 40 314 miles 276 miles -12.2%
Kia EV9 314 miles 275 miles -12.5%
Tesla Model 3 LR 391 miles 274 miles -29.9%
Polestar 2 LR 382 miles 267 miles -30%
VW ID.7 Pro 362 miles 257 miles -29%
Audi Q8 e-tron 55 S Line Plus 331 miles 255 miles -22.8%
MG4 Trophy ER 323 miles 249 miles -23.2%
Mercedes EQE SUV 350 305 miles 248 miles -18.7%
Volvo C40 359 miles 245 miles -31.5%
Nissan Ariya 4WD 309 miles 229 miles -25.8%
Hyundai Kona 282 miles 212 miles -24.8%
BYD Dolphin 265 miles 211 miles -20.6%
Ford F-150 Lightning 267 miles 209 miles -21.4%
Toyota bZ4X (AWD) 286 miles 194 miles -31.8%
Peugeot e-308 SW 254 miles 185 miles -27.4%
Opel Astra Sport Tourer 257 miles 184 miles -28.3%
Jeep Avenger 245 miles 178 miles -27.6%

The Lotus Eletre, BMW i5, Kia EV9, Xpeng G9, Nio EL6, Mercedes EQE SUV and Nio ET5 Touring all lost less than 20% of their WLTP rating in the freezing temperatures, which is quite impressive.

At the other end of the spectrum we see the Toyota bZ4X, the Polestar 2, the Volvo C40 and the VW ID.7 Pro.

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Reader comments

another important measurement would be EV standby time in a open park lot. teslas seem to lose 10% charge per day while completely turned off. that is a significant issue in freezing cold.

  • MEP

-5C is hardly a winter tempetature. In Finland we had -32C two weeks ago. My Renault Megane E-Tech Electrics had 220km range in that temperature.

  • Anonymous

Actually, the Tesla model 3 had 18” wheels on which increases the WLTP to 678km and then it’s the EV with highest % drop in range, surprising and disappointing.



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