Toyota's sleek electric Sport Crossover set to hit the roads in 2025

Max McDee, 05 December 2023

Toyota is on the roll - after unveiling the Urban SUV Concept, the company has unveiled its electrifying Sport Crossover. This fastback-style EV is developed in collaboration with China's BYD and is set to hit the European market in 2025.

Toyota's sleek electric Sport Crossover set to hit the roads in 2025

Toyota's Sport Crossover EV, originally showcased at Auto Shanghai in April, will be a "style hero" that will target first-time EV buyers. With five doors and spacious interiors, Toyota plans to infuse it with features catering to younger buyers. This electrifying Sport Crossover is a product of the BYD Toyota EV Tech Co, a joint venture between Toyota and BYD, the leading Chinese EV manufacturer.

Toyota and BYD previously introduced the co-developed bZ3 EV in China. This electric sedan is based on Toyota's e-TNGA platform, the same one utilized for the bZ4X electric SUV. However, BYD contributes its Blade LFP batteries, electric motor, and control system to the mix. It is anticipated that the upcoming Sport Crossover concept will adopt a similar configuration.

The Sport Crossover is one of five new Toyota EVs scheduled for launch by 2026. The company's Urban SUV Concept is set to lead the charge next year, positioning itself as Toyota's most affordable EV offering, taking on competitors like the Volvo EX30, Hyundai Kona electric and Jeep Avenger.

Toyota's sleek electric Sport Crossover set to hit the roads in 2025

Toyota is determined to make a significant impact in the European EV market, with a target of aiming for 20% EV share of its European sales by 2026, translating to over 250,000 units annually. This ambitious goal is part of Toyota's broader strategy to achieve complete carbon neutrality by 2040.



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in order to call an EV carbon neutral, you have to mine lithium, produce batteries and ship them to the car factory by yourself. 80-90% of EV's carbon footprint comes from batteries themselves. not to mention, capacity upgrade constructions of c...

Considering their stance, their explanation, quality etc. I would buy EV Toyota instantly ... not some EV SUV or CUV tosh, but pure Prius EV? Count me in.

  • Mr T

Well, it's not as ugly as it's previous vehicles, but I still wouldn't buy it, given Toyota's truly evil behaviour over the last couple of years trying to destroy the EV transition. No informed, ethical person would buy a Toyota n...



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